Zen Web Analytics

Discover and optimize the least engaging parts of your web site, view roadblocks, find our which of your traffic sources produce the most conversions and more…


Check out which elements your users click the most. Are your users click on things that are not links?

Find out and make your content more engaging.


Do your users view all the content you are offering?

Find out which parts of your pages are not seen by your visitors.

Session Recordings

View exactly how your users are using your site, how they navigate from page to page and discover any usability issues that may prevent your visitors from converting.

Behavior flow

Websites are usually designed to encourage visitors to navigate through them in certain ways. Find out how your visitors navigate your site.


Find out where your visitors are abandoning your site. Identify the best pages for testing and improvement.

Performance Metrics

Is your website slow? Is it your server connection or is your site too heavy?

Find out a detailed breakdown of your website’s loading time based on metrics taken from your actual users.

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